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Dynamic transcriptional symmetry-breaking in pre-implantation mammalian embryo development revealed by single-cell RNA-seq
During mammalian pre-implantation embryo development, when the first asymmetry emerges and how it develops to direct distinct cell fates remain longstanding questions. Here, by analyzingExpand
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Effect of feedback regulation on stochastic gene expression.
Stochastic noise in gene expression arises as a result of species in small copy number undergoing transitions between discrete chemical states. Here the noise in a single gene network is investigatedExpand
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Additivity of noise propagation in a protein cascade.
Stochastic fluctuations in a protein synthetic cascade are investigated using standard Omega-expansion technique. For the steady-state sensitivity, we show the conditions that result in theExpand
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Effects of bidirectional regulation on noises in gene networks.
  • Xiudeng Zheng, Yi Tao
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
  • 24 February 2010
To investigate the effects of bidirectional regulation on the noise in protein concentration, a theoretical and simple three-gene network model is considered. The basic idea behind this model is fromExpand
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Stochastic fluctuations in frequency-dependent selection: a one-locus, two-allele and two-phenotype model.
Stochastic fluctuations in a simple frequency-dependent selection model with one-locus, two-alleles and two-phenotypes are investigated. The steady-state statistics of allele frequencies for anExpand