Xiucheng Dong

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The ball and plate system is a typical multi-variable plant, which is the extension of the traditional ball and beam problems. Particle swarm optimization algorithm fuzzy neural network control (PSO-FNNC) scheme is introduced for the ball and plate system. The fuzzy neural network (FNNC) is optimized by the offline particle swarm optimization (PSO) of(More)
The worldwide energies' price continues to rise again. More countries pay more attention to unconventional energies. Shale gas is one of a significant unconventional energy. With the successful development of shale gas in the United States, more and more countries and corporations focus on the shale gas exploitation. The large recoverable reserves of shale(More)
The PID (proportional-integral-derivative) neural network (PIDNN) controller based on genetic algorithm (GA) for ball and plate system is proposed in this paper. Genetic algorithm is applied in training weighting factor of multilayered forward neural network, thus the disadvantage of BP algorithm that easily fall into partial extreme value can be overcome(More)
Under pressure toward carbon emission reduction and air protection, China has accelerated energy restructuring by greatly improving the supply and consumption of natural gas in recent years. However, several issues with the sustainable development of the natural gas industry in China still need in-depth discussion. Therefore, based on the fundamental ideas(More)
Currently, there are considerable discrepancies between China's central government and some local governments in attitudes towards coal to liquids (CTL) technology. Energy return on investment (EROI) analysis of CTL could provide new insights that may help solve this dilemma. Unfortunately, there has been little research on this topic; this paper therefore(More)
The Chinese government has introduced numerous policies and development plans to boost its shale gas industry in recent years. However, China's shale gas exploration and development is still in the initial stage and has been confronted with many challenges. This paper systematically analyzes the current status of China's shale gas industry from five aspects(More)
In this paper, the stability problem is studied for a class of Markovian jump neutral nonlinear systems with time-varying delay. By Lyapunov-Krasovskii function approach, a novel mean-square exponential stability criterion is derived for the situations that the systems transition rates are completely accessible, partially accessible and non-accessible,(More)
For eye gaze tracking in the paper propose the method based on the support vector regression to build up mapping function between the iris position and the eye gaze position. In addition, we use the central coordinates of the iris as input features of the support vector regression algorithm. The experimental result shows the method for eye gaze tracking is(More)
A RBF neural network control system optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization is proposed. The control system was constructed by two RBF neural network, one was used as identifier and the other was used as controller. The system parameters were optimized by PSO, RBF neural network identified the nonlinear controlled object, the obtained Jacobian information(More)