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In this paper, we present a simple and effective scene-based nonuniformity correction (NUC) method for infrared focal plane arrays based on interframe registration. This method estimates the global translation between two adjacent frames and minimizes the mean square error between the two properly registered images to make any two detectors with the same(More)
Three-dimensional profilometry by sinusoidal fringe projection using phase-shifting algorithms is usually distorted by the nonlinear intensity response of commercial video projectors. To overcome this problem, several methods including sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) were proposed to generate sinusoidal fringe patterns with binary ones by(More)
This paper presents a simple and effective method for image contrast enhancement called spatially weighted histogram equalization. Spatially weighted histogram not only considers the times of each grey value appears in a certain image, but also takes the local characteristics of each pixel into account. In the homogeneous region of an image, the spatial(More)
The spatial fixed-pattern noise (FPN) compromises severely the quality of the acquired imagery, even makes such images inappropriate for some applications. In order to lower the FPN, some critical nonuniformity correction (NUC) algorithms such as NUC based on linear model, scene-based NUC and so on have been developed. But each algorithm has some drawbacks:(More)
There is no special power testing equipment at home and abroad. And the electrical safety is related to every citizen's personal and property safety. This paper compares the existing handheld infrared thermometer and finds that the imaging is vague and many details are not resolved. Many handheld infrared thermometers are only using grayscale to display, so(More)
We present a method to record near-infrared (NIR) hologram at high spatial resolution. This method up-converts the NIR holograms to visible holograms taking advantage of the photo-induced phase transition characteristic of vanadium dioxide (VO<sub>2</sub>) material, and subsequently, the visible holograms are recorded by a high-resolution visible CMOS(More)
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