Xiu-ling Ma

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The effect of zinc on the damage of primary cultured hippocampal neurons induced by corticosterone (CORT) was studied. Neuronal injury and expression of NMDA receptor subunits (NR1,NR2A,NR2B) mRNA were detected by using in situ staining and RT-PCR, respectively. Neurons treated with 5 micromol/L CORT for 24 h showed decreased survival rates and increased(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of adipose tissue extract on growth of rat skin in vitro. METHODS Neonatal rat skin (area of 2 mm x 2 mm) was cultured in Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM) containing 10% adipose tissue extract and 10% phosphate buffered solution (PBS). After being cultured for 6 days, the area of skin was measured. RESULTS(More)
There are a lot of ponds around Chaohu Lake. According to location and runoff supply of ponds, the ponds are divided into three types: ponds inner vellage (PIV), ponds adjacent vellage (PAV) and ponds outer vellage (POV). The samples of water and sediment were collected from 136 ponds around Chaohu Lake and the contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic(More)
Na+/H+ antiporter plays an important role in mechanisms of the plant salt tolerance, it extrudes Na+ from cell energized by the proton gradient generated by the plasm membrane H(+)-ATPase and/or compartmentalizes Na+ in vacuole energized by the proton gradient generated by the vacuolar membrane H(+)-ATPase and H(+)-PPiase. This review mainly discusses the(More)
AIM To observe the effects of stress on Glu uptake and NMDAR of hippocampus synaptosome in rats with different zinc status. METHODS Stress model was established by photoelectric stimulus. The behaviors of rats were tested in open-field case. 3H-L-Glu was taken as radioligand to detect the NMDAR binding. Glu uptake was determined with radioimmunoassay. (More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the regulatory effect of arginine on the secretion of hepatic insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I), and the mechanism of enhancing the immune function by arginine. METHODS Wistar rats were randomly divided into normal control (NC), wound control (WC), and wound with arginine (Arg) groups, with 8 rats in each group. The rats in WC and(More)
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