Xiu-lan Jiang

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The Raman scattering coefficients of the fundamental v1 (992 cm(-1)) of C6 H6 and the fundamental v1 (656 cm(-1) ) of CS2 changed dramatically with relative concentration of the binary solution of CS2 and C6 H6. The Raman spectra of the binary solution with different relative concentrations were measured. The results show that both the v1 fundamentals(More)
Fermi resonance is a phenomenon of molecular vibrational coupling and energy transfer occurred between different groups of a single molecule or neighboring molecules. Many properties of Fermi resonance under different external fields, the investigation method of Raman spectroscopy as well as the application of Fermi resonance, etc need to be developed and(More)
The values of Raman scattering coefficients of some molecules in which Fermi resonance occurs vary with solution concentration variation. We measured the Raman spectra of some solvents such as CCl4, CS2, C6H6, etc by changing the concentration of the solutions ranging from 10% to 100% in volume. As a result, the authors obtained the general law of Fermi(More)
The effect of the Fermi resonance (FR) on the Raman scattering cross sections (RSCSs) of the Fermi doublet ν1, 2ν2 of liquid CS2 in C6H6 using the method of changing the volume concentration of the solution is investigated. We have calculated the RSCSs of the Fermi doublet ν1, 2ν2 using Onsager's theory with the 992 cm(-1) Raman line of C6H6 as the internal(More)
The Raman spectra of binary solution (CCl4 and C6 H6) and pure liquid were measured up to pressures of 11 GPa. The results show that pressure effect on binary solution is different from that on pure liquid: When mixing two liquids, owing to the changes in the density of the solution, intermolecular distance decreases and interaction energy increases, the(More)
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