Xiu-fang Zhang

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical value of real-time tissue elastography (RTE) in the diagnosis of breast cancer. METHODS One hundred and twenty patients with breast lumps (135 lesions) were examined with B-mode imaging, color Doppler flowing imaging (CDFI) and RTE. The elastogram was graded using 5-score evaluating method. The postoperative(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the feasibility of gray-scale contrast-enhanced ultrasound for characterizing thyroid nodules. METHODS Forty thyroid nodules from 35 patients were studied both by conventional techniques and gray-scale contrast-enhanced ultrasound. Of the nodules examined, 15 were benign and 25 malignant. The enhancement of echogenicity was evaluated.(More)
After analysis of reproduction records of two types of karyotypes (2n=50 & 2n=49) of triple crossbreed buffaloes (TCB) and studies of synaptinemal complex and sperm chromosome of 2n=49 TCB, the results showed that 2 sorts of normal gametes (n=24 and n=25) and 2 sorts of abnormal gametes (n=24+1 and n=25-1) were produced in 2n=49 TCB. Thus, both male and(More)
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