Xiu-fang Wang

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AIM to study the molecular mechanisms underlying α-tocopheryl succinate (α-TOS)-induced apoptosis in erbB2-positive breast cancer cells and to determine whether α-TOS and the human recombinant TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (hrTRAIL) act synergically to induce cell death of erbB2-expressing breast cancer cells. METHODS the annexin V binding method(More)
Alu elements belonging to the short interspersed nuclear elements (SINE) of repetitive elements are present in more than one million copies which altogether represent 10% of the whole human genome. In this study, the roles ofAlu tandem sequences in the process of GFP gene (GFP) expression and packing into chromatin of its DNA were studied. To detect the(More)
The retrotransposon known as long interspersed nuclear element-1 (L1) is 6 kb long, although most L1s in mammalian and other eukaryotic cells are truncated. L1 contains two open reading frames, ORF1 and ORF2, that code for an RNA-binding protein and a protein with endonuclease and reverse transcriptase activities, respectively. In this work, we examined the(More)
30% of the genes tested on Xp escaped inactivation, whereas less than 3% of the genes on Xq escaped inactivation. To investigate the molecular mechanism involved in the propagation and maintenance of X chromosome inactivation and escape, the long arm and short arm of the X chromosome were compared for RNA binding density. Nucleotide sequences on the X(More)
SV40 PolyA (Simian virus 40 PolyA, also called PolyA) sequence is DNA sequence (240 bp) that possesses the activity of transcription termination and can add PolyA tail to mRNA. PolyA contains AATAAA hexanucleotide polyadenylation signal. Fourteen copies of Alu in sense orientation (Alu14) were inserted downstream of GFP in pEGFP-C1 to construct pAlu14(More)
Cultured mouse fibroblasts were treated with rabbit liver RNA. Rat liver RNA was injected into mouse prostates. Influence of exogenous RNA upon expression of mouse albumin gene was detected by immunohistochemical staining. Nucleuses of cultured mouse fibroblasts treated with different RNAs were isolated and digested with DNase I. Mouse albumin gene was(More)
Although the set of genes is virtually the same in all tissues,differential gene expression is appeared in cells of different kinds. Differentiation and ageing are associated with regulation of gene expression that is a fundamental mechanism in eukaryotic development and survival. The sensitivity to DNase I of actively transcribed genes seems to be a(More)
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