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—Accompany by the rapid changes of the world, the funds on technology programs invested by the country are increasing year by year with the growing demand. This paper introduces the theory of continuous ant colony optimization algorithms and support vector machine to analyze, predicts the financial situation of enterprises and sets up the financial forecast(More)
For implementing supply chain management effectively, a manufacturing supply chain performance evaluation nethod was very important. Based on the comprehensive evaluation index system of supply Chain Performance Evaluation, a new evaluation model with Support vector machine (SVM) and Rough set is founded. Rough Set is introduced to reduce numbers of(More)
Making financial decision is difficult because the process contains complex unpredictable factors and specific statistical characteristics of data. In this paper, we investigate the decision making problems and approach them by considering different categories of financial ratios as input to the RS-LSSVM based on fuzzy integral model.
The evaluation of competitive power is very important for bidder in power system, how to improve the accuracy and efficiency of evaluation is the keystone people pay attention to, and many researchs have been done around it. A combined model of least squares support vector machines optimized by an improved particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed(More)
Financial distress is the most synthetic form of business crisis and financial distress prediction (FDP) has been a widely and continually studied topic in the field of corporate finance. This paper attempts to put forward OR-CBR in K-nearest neighbors model, which can be the implementation of corresponding algorithm.
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