Xiu-Zhang Li

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Overgrazing of China's grasslands is increasingly causing biodiversity to decline. In degenerated grasslands of northwest China endophyte (Epichloё gansuensis) infected Achnatherum inebrians (drunken horse grass) is becoming widely distributed because of its toxicity to livestock. In this study, we investigated the ecological consequences of endophyte(More)
Salinization of soils causes severe problems to plant growth. With the important role of stoichiometry in many ecological processes, this study investigated the effect of an asexual Epichloë endophyte on the nutrient stoichiometry of wild barley (Hordeum brevisubulatum) under salt stress. Plants with (E+) and without endophyte (E−) were subjected to(More)
Epichloë fungal endophytes are broadly found in cool-season grasses. The symbiosis between these grasses and Epichloë may improve the abiotic and biotic resistance of the grass plant, but some Epichloë species produce alkaloids that are toxic for livestock. Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics of the grass-Epichloë s symbiosis so(More)
Analysis of codon usage data has both practical and theoretical applications in understanding the basics of molecular biology. Differences in codon usage patterns among genes reflect variations in local base compositional biases and the intensity of natural selection. Recently, there have been several reports related to codon usage in fungi, but little is(More)
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