Xiu-Zhang Li

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OBJECTIVE To probe into essence of meridians. METHODS To examine meridians, acupoints, brain and relative organs by SQUID and fMRI, and to analyze the results. CONCLUSION A relative stable circular current of electromagnetic and chemical oscillation along the low electric resistance pathway was found. Competition of different frequency oscillation often(More)
The development of high-quality herbage is an important aspect of animal husbandry. Inoculating beneficial fungi onto inferior grass is a feasible strategy for producing new varieties of high-quality herbage. Epichloë bromicola is a candidate fungus that is isolated from Elymus tangutorum. A total of 17 metabolites, 1-17, were obtained from E. bromicola,(More)
OBJECTIVE To approach to the intrinsic mechanism of meridian regulation. METHODS Summarize and analyze the results of the author's studies and the development of other studies about life regulating and meridian at home and abroad. CONCLUSION The regulating mechanism of meridians has two levels. The macroscopic regulation center is the brain, and the(More)
Through researches of channels and collaterals and clinical practice of many years, the authors understand that Chinese medicine, which considers the human body as an interrelated, mutual constraints, whole, dynamic living system, has gradually become an important part of modern medicine. Channels and collaterals are a closed loop system which is(More)
OBJECTIVE To expound the relationship between meridians and the human two information systems, material system and energy system. METHODS Summarize and analyze the results of experimental and other studies. CONCLUSION The carrier of the meridian is human material system. The nerve, body fluid, microcirculation and chemical factors take part in meridian(More)
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