Xiu-Lin Wang

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Sea water samples were collected in the East China Sea in March and April, 2005, and three-dimensional fluorescence of dissolved organic matter was measured by fluorescence excitation-emission matrix spectroscopy. The position, number and intensity of fluorescence peak in the spectra and the relations of the peaks were analyzed to determine the type,(More)
A new binuclear copper(II) complex, [Cu2Phen2Cl4] (Phen=1,10-phenanthroline), has been synthesized and characterized. Single crystal X-ray diffraction results suggest that this complex structure belongs to monoclinic crystal system, Cc (no. 9) with the cell dimensions: a=9.849(2)A, b=17.833(4)A, c=13.374(3)A, beta=106.61(3) degrees , V=2251.0(8)A(3),(More)
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Non-orthogonal joint diagonalization (NJD) free of prewhitening has been widely studied in the context of blind source separation (BSS) and array signal processing, etc. However, NJD is used to retrieve the jointly diagonalizable structure for a single set of target matrices which are mostly formulized with a single dataset, and thus is insufficient to(More)
The discrimination of phytoplankton classes using the characteristic fluorescence spectra extracted from three-dimensional fluorescence spectra was investigated. Single species cultures of 11 phytoplankton species, representing 5 major phytoplankton divisions, were used. The 3D fluorescence spectra of the cultures grown at different temperatures (20 and 15(More)
The supramolecular interaction of cucurbit(n=7)uril (Q[7]) with berberine chloride (BER) has been studied in aqueous solution at pH 2.0 and room temperature by spectro-fluorimetry. The association constant of the complex was 2.07 × 10(6) L mol(-1) calculated by using a nonlinear least squares method. (1)H NMR spectra confirmed that a 1:1 stable complex is(More)
With field culture experiments and model calculations, the natural-light-dependent growth and the optimal light layers in sea water for growth of red tide dinoflagellate Prorocentrum donghaiense Lu were studied in order to analyze the role of light on algal blooms in the coastal area in East China Sea in spring. The results show that the relationship of(More)
Nine typical phytoplankton species were chosen and cultivated under two temperatures (20 and 15 degrees C) and two illumi- nations (7000 and 1100 lux), and their absorption spectra at different growth period were measured. Firstly, singular value decomposition was used on the matrix, which is composed of the autoscaled spectra data. The S1/msigma(i=1)Si was(More)
Joint diagonalization (JD) is an instrumental tool in a vast variety of applications such as blind source separation, polarization sensitive array processing, and linear algebra based computation of tensor decompositions. Among the JD families, those based on successive rotations are a major category that minimizes the adopted highly nonlinear cost function(More)
Fluorescence discrimination technology for 11 species of the Red Tide algae at genus level was constructed by principle component analysis and non-negative least squares. Rayleigh and Raman scattering peaks of 3D fluorescence spectra were eliminated by Delaunay triangulation method. According to the results of Fisher linear discrimination, the first(More)