Xiu-Lan Wang

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The microtubule cytoskeleton may play an important role in the polarized growth of fibre cells that are single-cell trichomes on the surface of cotton ovules. To investigate whether the high expression levels of alpha-tubulin genes are correlated with fibre elongation, nine GhTUA genes (cDNAs) encoding alpha-tubulins with 449-451 amino acid residues were(More)
To investigate whether the high expression levels of actin-depolymerizing factor genes are related to pollen development, three GhADF genes (cDNAs) were isolated and characterized in cotton. Among them, GhADF6 and GhADF8 were preferentially expressed in petals, whereas GhADF7 displayed the highest level of expression in anthers, revealing its anther(More)
Real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) is a reliable and widely used method for gene expression analysis. The accuracy of the determination of a target gene expression level by RT-qPCR demands the use of appropriate reference genes to normalize the mRNA levels among different samples. However, suitable reference genes for RT-qPCR have not been identified in(More)
In this study, fifty healthy normal volunteers were divided into 3 groups according to age: group A (15-30 years, n=14), group B (31-50 years, n=24), group C (>51 years, n=12). The FA and ADC values in PZ and CZ were measured, and difference between the PZ and CZ were assessed. The results indicated that no significant difference were found in the FA and(More)
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