Xiting Yan

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DNA microarray experiments have generated large amount of gene expression measurements across different conditions. One crucial step in the analysis of these data is to detect differentially expressed genes. Some parametric methods, including the two-sample t-test (T-test) and variations of it, have been used. Alternatively, a class of non-parametric(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of transcription factors (TFs) associated with a biological process is fundamental to understanding its regulatory mechanisms. From microarray data, however, the activity changes of TFs often cannot be directly observed due to their relatively low expression levels, post-transcriptional modifications, and other complications.(More)
MOTIVATION Characterizing the dynamic regulation of gene expression by time course experiments is becoming more and more important. A common problem is to identify differentially expressed genes between the treatment and control time course. It is often difficult to compare expression patterns of a gene between two time courses for the following reasons:(More)
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