Xishun Wang

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In our real world, there usually exist several different objects in one image, which brings intractable challenges to the traditional pattern recognition methods to classify the images. In this paper, we introduce a Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) model to deal with the Multi-label Image Classification problem. Considering the correlations of the objects,(More)
In the real world, images always have several visual objects instead of only one, which makes it difficult for conventional object recognition methods to deal with them. In this paper, we present a topologically sorted classifier chain method for learning images with multi-label. We first provide a means of generating a topo-logically sorted label chain(More)
We propose a feature binding computational model based on the cognitive research findings. Feature integration theory is widely approved on the principles of the binding problem, which supplies the roadmap for our computational model. We construct the learning procedure to acquire necessary pre-knowledge for the recognition network on reasonable(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about vascularization restoration and vascular circulation after allogenic graft transplantation, which are both important prerequisites for optimal use of allograft meniscus transplantation. PURPOSE To study vascularization restoration through autograft and allograft meniscus models in Oryctolagus cuniculus. STUDY DESIGN(More)
Smart Grid markets are dynamic and complex, and brokers are widely introduced to better manage the markets. However, brokers face great challenges, including the varying energy demands of consumers, the changing prices in the markets, and the competitions between each other. This paper proposes an intelligent broker model based on hybrid learning (including(More)
The Smart Grid market is dynamic and complex, and brokers are widely introduced to better manage this market. This paper proposes an intelligent broker model - GongBroker, with smart trading strategies to cope with the dynamics and complexity. GongBroker first predicts the short-term demands of various consumers, and then buys energy from the wholesale(More)
Load forecasting plays a critical role in Smart Grid. As there have been various types of customers with different behaviours in a Smart Grid, it would benefit load forecasting if customer behaviours were taken into consideration. This paper proposes a novel load forecasting method that efficiently explores customers’ power consumption behaviours through(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of meniscectomy and transplantation repair ot the knee on the stress area and average pressure of the tibiofemoral articular surface so as to provide a reference for the relevant basic and clinical researches. METHODS Seven qualified right knee joints from adult men cadavers were selected. Required structure was(More)
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