Xiran Yang

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The near infrared (NIR) absorption and average particle size of gold nanostars (GNSs) can be precisely controlled by varying the molar ratios of cucurbit[7]urils (CB[7]) and GNSs in aqueous solution. GNSs modified with CB[7] achieved high cargo loading with thermally activated release upon the NIR laser irradiation.
As the cucurbit[n]uril (CB[n]) homologue with the largest cavity size, cucurbit[10]uril (CB[10]) can encapsulate big guests to form interesting host-guest complexes/assemblies. Herein, we report the preparation and fluorescence properties of CB[10]-based [2]rotaxane (CB[10]·1) formed from cucurbit[10]uril and dumbbell-like guest 1. This [2]rotaxane(More)
As the host possessing the largest cavity in the cucurbit[n]uril (CB[n]) family, CB[10] has previously displayed unusual recognition and assembly properties with guests but much remains to be explored. Herein, we present the recognition properties of CB[10] toward a series of bipyridinium guests including the tetracationic cyclophane known as blue box along(More)
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