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Loss Calculation and Thermal Analysis of Rotors Supported by Active Magnetic Bearings for High-Speed Permanent-Magnet Electrical Machines
This paper focuses on the loss analysis and thermal performance evaluation for a rotor of 100 kW, 32 km/min high-speed permanent-magnet motor. Expand
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Design of novel bearingless switched reluctance motor
This study presents a novel bearingless switched reluctance motor (SRM) with decoupled torque and suspending stator poles. Different from the conventional bearingless SRM, the suspending poles of theExpand
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Electromagnetic Design of a High-Speed Solid Cylindrical Permanent-Magnet Motor Equipped With Active Magnetic Bearings
This paper presents the design in electromagnetic aspect of a high-speed solid cylindrical permanent-magnet (PM) machine equipped with magnetic bearings. First, the selection of PM machine structuresExpand
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Multiphysics Global Design and Experiment of the Electric Machine With a Flexible Rotor Supported by Active Magnetic Bearing
A multiphysics global design method was proposed, and an electric machine with flexible rotor supported by active magnetic bearing was developed based on this method to resolve a series of actual engineering problems for future industrial air blower application. Expand
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Magnetic field computation for high speed surface mounted permanent magnet machine with parallelly magnetized magnet segments
  • S. Xu, Xiquan Liu
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  • IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives…
  • 1 May 2017
Due to some limitations of permanent-magnet production and magnetizing technology, it is difficult to fabricate the large poles of high power surface-mounted permanentmagnet machines by usingExpand
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Multiphysics thermal analysis of a high speed permanent magnet brushless DC motor
High speed permanent magnet motor is widely used and has gained more and more attention due to high power density and efficiency. However, its high speed brought up large losses and high temperatureExpand
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Analysis and experimental study of a novel self-differential eddy current sensor for high-speed magnetic electrical machine
With the increasing rotated speed of the magnetic electrical machine with active magnetic bearings (AMBs), improving the dynamic response and the resolution of the displacement sensor turn into a keyExpand
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Design considerations of winding for low-voltage high-speed permanent magnet motor
The electrical frequency of high speed permanent magnet motor leads to pronounced parasitic effects, such as skin, proximity and circulating current effects. The parasitic effects result in unevenExpand
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Logistics of production processes
The university textbook provides a description of production process, production system, production management, the management of production preparation and operation, as well as production planningExpand
Analysis and Experiment of Self-Differential Eddy-Current Sensor for High-Speed Magnetic Suspension Electric Machine
An electric machine supported by an active magnetic bearing (AMB) can realize ultrahigh speed and high power density, and it is developing toward the trends of higher rotation speed and higher powerExpand