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Negative association rules (NAR) mining, which has played important roles in real applications, mainly focuses on the form A&#x21D2;B, A&#x21D2;&#x00AC;B, &#x00AC;A&#x21D2;B and &#x00AC;A&#x21D2;&#x00AC;B so far, where A (e.g. (a<inf>1</inf>a<inf>2</inf>)) and B (e.g. (b<inf>1</inf>b<inf>2</inf>)) are occurring itemsets. Another form of negative association(More)
Negative Frequent Item Sets (NFIS) like (a1a2¬a3a4) have played important roles in real applications because many valued negative association rules can be found from them. Very few methods are available for mining NFIS and most of them only use single minimum support, which implicitly assumes that all items in the database are of the same nature or of(More)
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