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An efficient algorithm is proposed to reduce the computation cost of block matching algorithms for motion estimation in video coding. Based on a new insight in block matching algorithms, we extend the successive elimination algorithm to a multilevel case. By using the sum norms of the blocks and the subblocks, tighter and tighter decision boundaries can be(More)
--The fourth generation wireless communication systems have been deployed or are soon to be deployed in many countries. However, with an explosion of wireless mobile devices and services, there are still some challenges that cannot be accommodated even by 4G, such as the spectrum crisis and high energy consumption. Wireless system designers have been facing(More)
We systematically investigate the factorization of causal finite impulse response (FIR) paraunitary filterbanks with given filter length. Based on the singular value decomposition of the coefficient matrices of the polyphase representation, a fundamental order-one factorization form is first proposed for general paraunitary systems. Then, we develop a new(More)
This paper analyzes MIMO systems with multichannel beamforming in Ricean fading. Our results apply to a wide class of multichannel systems which transmit on the eigenmodes of the MIMO channel. We first present new closed-form expressions for the marginal ordered eigenvalue distributions of complex noncentral Wishart matrices. These are used to characterize(More)
We investigate multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) eigenmode transmission using statistical channel state information at the transmitter. We consider a general jointly correlated MIMO channel model, which does not require separable spatial correlations at the transmitter and receiver. For this model, we first derive a closed-form tight upper bound for the(More)
We propose pilot reuse (PR) in single cell for massive multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission to reduce the pilot overhead. For spatially correlated Rayleigh fading channels, we establish a relationship between channel spatial correlations and channel power angle spectrum when the base station antenna number tends to infinity. With(More)
  • Tuo Fu, Xiqi Gao
  • 2006 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics…
  • 2006
The problem of joint eigenstructure estimation for the non-defective matrices is addressed. A procedure revealing the joint eigenstructure by simultaneous diagonalization with unitary and non-unitary similarity transformations alternately is proposed to overcome the convergence difficulties of previous methods based on simultaneous Schur form and unitary(More)