Xiongzhi Zhang

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In the 28 years since its discovery, surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) has progressed from model system studies of pyridine on a roughened silver electrode to state-of-the-art surface science studies and real-world sensing applications. Each year, the number of SERS publications increases as nanoscale material design techniques advance and the(More)
Lens power accuracy is the most frequently cited requirement for reproducible soft toric lens performance. Power accuracy is even more critical with planned replacement soft toric lenses because of the increased rate at which lenses are replaced. However, no reproducible methodology exists for making such an evaluation. We developed a power measurement(More)
Single crystals of the hexamethylguanidinium hexafluorosilicate hexahydrate salt, [C(NMe2)3]2 SiF6 "-6H20, were isolated when a product, obtained by water removal from aqueous [C(NMe2)3]F in a glass vessel, was recrystallized from CH3OH. The crystal structure of this -salt was determined, and the structure of the free hexamethylguanidinium cation was(More)
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