Xiongyi Han

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Cysteinyl cathepsin K (CatK) is one of the most potent mammalian collagenases involved in cardiovascular disease. Here, we investigated the clinical predictive value of serum CatK levels in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF). We examined 134 patients with CHF, measuring their serum CatK, troponin I, high-sensitive C-reactive protein, and(More)
BACKGROUND Xenon-CT is a quantitive technique for estimating cerebral blood flow. To investigate whether penumbra exists around hematoma, regional cerebral blood flow (ICBF) was measured by Xenon-CT in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). METHODS Xenon-CT was performed on 15 patients with basal ganglia hemorrhage and hematoma volume < 50 mL. rCBF(More)
BACKGROUND Adipose-derived adipokines have been demonstrated to be associated with the development of experimental heart disease through chronic inflammation and cardiac cell apoptosis. Omentin is to be one of the novel adipokines. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between circulating omentin and cardiac dysfunction in patients with(More)
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