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The exploding growth of digitalized information has led to the rapid growth of data centers, both in numbers and in size. Cluster has been the dominating system architecture used in most data centers. However, the increasingly diversified data center applications have requirements beyond what the cluster architecture can deliver. For instance, clouding(More)
Article history: Available online xxxx a b s t r a c t Recently there is a trend to broaden the usage of lower-power embedded media processor core to build the future high-end computing machine or the supercomputer. However the embedded solution also faces the operating system (OS) design challenge which the thread invoking overhead is higher for(More)
How to manage the message passing among inter processor cores with lower overhead is a great challenge when the multi-core system is the contemporary solution to satisfy high performance and low energy demands in general and embedded computing domains. Generally speaking, the networks-on-chip connects the distributed multi-core system. It takes charge of(More)
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