Xiongjian Rao

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The pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) plays a critical role in macromolecule biosynthesis and maintaining cellular redox homoeostasis in rapidly proliferating cells. Upregulation of the PPP has been shown in several types of cancer. However, how the PPP is regulated to confer a selective growth advantage on cancer cells is not well understood. Here we show(More)
Recruitment of antibodies in human immune systems for targeted destruction of tumor cells has emerged as an exciting area of research due to its low occurrence of side effects, high efficacy, and high specificity. The presence of large amounts of anticarbohydrate natural antibodies in human sera has prompted research efforts to utilize carbohydrate epitopes(More)
Recruitment of human endogenous antibodies to target and eliminate tumor cells is a promising therapeutic strategy in the biomedical field. Current antibody-recruiting molecules are typically bi-functional agents that utilize cell-surface receptor binding property for targeting. This approach has intrinsic limitations due to the heterogeneity of tumor cells(More)
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