Xiongjian Liang

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The next generation network technologies are enriched shortly. We expect to employ a broadband network with a quality of service, safety and costing low, which loads data, voice, video or multimedia. In the new time, what changes should the regulations take place? We find that regulators should consider fair and free competition, saving market resources,(More)
The enterprise e-commerce marketing strategy is developed on the basis of a scientifically-based segmentation of its customers, and the key way to its profits is to try to build and maintain the customer loyalty. Therefore this paper brings together customer-value and customer-loyalty to segment e-commerce customers, and then establishes a(More)
According to Maslow's theory on human needs, this paper has analyzed the different kinds of psychological needs which game-players expect to be met when they playing online-games, then built a needs model of online-game from the perspective of players, so as to provide guidance on game-design for the developers and help bring experience for the players.
Research-oriented learning is a distinct student-centered learning style, with characteristics of self-determination, exploring, open and active practice, compared with the teacher-centered inculcation mode. It is a process of presenting questions, making research plan, choosing methodology, and interactive discussion to solve the problem by cooperation of(More)
  • A Gruber, Ahagon, +25 authors D J Gapped
  • 2003
DNA reads generated by large-scale sequencing projects have to be processed before further analyses in order to perform vector/primer masking, low-quality trimming and contaminant removal. This sequential processing involves several steps and the use of different computer programs, each one following its own calling convention and input/output formats. As a(More)