Xiongfei Zhang

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Finished genome sequences and assemblies are available for only a few vertebrates. Thus, investigators studying many species must rely on draft genomes. Using the rhesus macaque as an example, we document the effects of sequencing errors, gaps in sequence and misassemblies on one automated gene model pipeline, Gnomon. The combination of draft genome with(More)
The rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) is a key species for advancing biomedical research. Like all draft mammalian genomes, the draft rhesus assembly (rheMac2) has gaps, sequencing errors and misassemblies that have prevented automated annotation pipelines from functioning correctly. Another rhesus macaque assembly, CR_1.0, is also available but is(More)
We report here the release of four germplasm lines of hard red spring (HRS) wheat (T. aestivum L.) [Yecora Rojo Yr36– Gpc-B1 (Reg. no. GP-793, PI 638740), Yecora Rojo Lr47 (Reg. no. GP-791, PI 638738), Kern Lr47 (Reg. no. GP-792, PI 638739), and Anza Lr37/Yr17/Sr38 (Reg. no. GP-795, PI 638742)] and one durum wheat (T. turgidum L.) [UC1113 Yr36– Gpc-B1 (Reg.(More)
Ring-opening terpolymerization of L-lactide (LA), -caprolactone (CL), and glycolide (GA) was performed in the presence of tin (II) 2-ethylhexanoate at 170 degrees C. Random terpolyesters with weight-average molecular weight up to 130,000 g/mol were obtained. These terpolyesters, especially those with LA:CL:GA composition of 3:1:1, provided good coating(More)
Flower-specific promoters can enable transgenic enhancement of valuable ornamental traits, including flower shape and color. However, the identification of strong, tissue-specific promoters remains a limiting factor. To obtain enhanced flower-specific promoters, we constructed four chimeric promoters (p35S-PCHS-Ω, p35S-LCHS-Ω, pOCS-PCHS-Ω and pOCS-LCHS-Ω)(More)
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