Xiongfei Wang

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Considering that vascular endothelial caveolae could be flow sensors converting mechanical stimuli into chemical signals transmitted into the cell, this work studied, in vitro, the change of caveolin-1 expression and distribution of cultured endothelial cells exposed to laminar flows. Experimental results showed that, in control cells, caveolin-1 were(More)
IL-10 signalling blockade by intra-peritoneal injection of anti-IL-10 receptor antibodies at the time of immunization enhances vaccine induced CD8+ T cell responses and promotes bacteria, parasitic and viral control. We now show that blockade of IL-10 signalling at the time of immunization enhances vaccine induced antigen specific CD8+ T cell responses to(More)
Harmonic current filtering and resonance damping have become important concerns in the operation and control of the islanded microgrids. To address these challenges, this paper proposes a control method for the inverter-interfaced distributed generation (DG) units to autonomously share the harmonic currents and resonance damping burdens. The approach(More)
Interleukin 10 is an anti-inflammatory cytokine which limits immune responses to both self and foreign antigens. Blocking IL10 at the time of immunization increases cytotoxic T cell responses in antigen experienced host, a situation similar to therapeutic vaccination for cancer and chronic viral infection, where patients usually develop ineffective immune(More)
—The interactions among the parallel grid-connected converters coupled through the grid impedance tend to result in stability and power quality problems. To address them, this paper proposes an active damper based on a high bandwidth power electronics converter. The general idea behind this proposal is to dynamically reshape the grid impedance profile seen(More)
Increased penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) and large-scale deployment of renewable energy sources are challenging the entire architecture of traditional power system. Microgrid, featuring higher flexibility and reliability, becomes an attractive candidate for the configuration of future electrical power system. This paper gives an overview(More)
This paper proposes a harmonic impedance synthesis technique for voltage-controlled distributed generation inverters in order to damp harmonic voltage distortion on a distribution network. The approach employs a multiloop control scheme, where a selective harmonic load current feedforward loop based on the bandpass filter is developed, in addition to the(More)
This paper investigates the maximum and the minimum gain of the proportional resonant based grid current controller for a grid-tied inverter with a passive damped high-order power filter. It is found that the choice of the controller gain is limited to the local maximum amplitude determined by Q-factor around the characteristic frequency of the filter and(More)
The energy paradigms in many countries (e.g. Germany and Denmark) have experienced a significant change from fossil-based resources to clean renewables (e.g. wind turbines and photovoltaics) in the past few decades. The scenario of highly penetrated renewables is going to be further enhanced - Denmark expects to be 100 % fossil-free by 2050. Consequently,(More)