Xiongchao Tang

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Recent studies have found cloud environments increasingly appealing for executing HPC applications, including tightly coupled parallel simulations. While public clouds offer elastic, on-demand resource provisioning and pay-as-you-go pricing, individual users setting up their on-demand virtual clusters may not be able to take full advantage of common(More)
Communication traces are increasingly important, both for parallel applications' performance analysis/optimization, and for designing next-generation HPC systems. Meanwhile, the problem size and the execution scale on supercomputers keep growing, producing prohibitive volume of communication traces. To reduce the size of communication traces, existing(More)
Fault tolerance is increasingly important in high performance computing due to the substantial growth of system scale and decreasing system reliability. In-memory/diskless checkpoint has gained extensive attention as a solution to avoid the IO bottleneck of traditional disk-based checkpoint methods. However, applications using previous in-memory checkpoint(More)
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