Xiong Zhe Han

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Poor growth of white lupin (Lupinus albus L.) on alkaline soils may result from its sensitivity to iron deficiency and poor nodulation. This study examined interactive effects of iron supply and high pH on the growth and nodulation of three genotypes differing in their sensitivity to iron deficiency. Three genotypes (P27486, Ultra and WTD180) were grown for(More)
A 20-year field trial was conducted to study the effects of ecological factors and fertilization on phosphorus characteristics of fertile Udic Mollisols under three ecosystems: (1) bare land ecosystem with no vegetation or fertilizers (BE), (2) natural ecosystem with native grasses but no fertilizers (NE) and (3) agroecosystem with a rotation of(More)
The information on phosphorus (P) characteristics of albic luvisols and their effect on plant P uptake is limited. Twelve soils representing typical albic luvisols were collected from farmland of four regions in northeast China, each with various levels of soil fertility. Phosphorus fractions, P adsorption and P supply capacity of the soils were analysed(More)
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