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The immunoreactive responses are a two-edged sword after spinal cord injury (SCI). Macrophages are the predominant inflammatory cells responsible for this response. However, the mechanism underlying the effects of HBOT on the immunomodulation following SCI is unclear now. The present study was performed to examine the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy(More)
According to the needs of technology and market of new kind of smart transducer, this article, which is based on the technology of ZigBee, the international standard IEEE1451, and the technology of intelligent transducer, proposed a new wireless transducer/controller Z-WPAN-ST and described its architecture and implement technology. The hardware structure(More)
The rapid development of the Internet has brought an opportunity for the development for enterprises. Web mining in the status of e-commerce websites have became more and more important. In the e-commerce, the data mining is helpful of the discovery to trade development tendency, of the correct decision-making made by the enterprise. This article mainly(More)
Within the framework of non-extensive and incomplete statistical physics, after a microscopic volume is introduced, the probability distribution function and thermodynamic formulas are derived in a completely open system with incomplete statistics based on incomplete entropy under assumption of the maximum entropy principle.
This study was aimed to measure the dietary effects of probiotic Bacillus subtilis strain fmbj (BS fmbj) on antioxidant capacity and oxidative stability of chicken breast meat during storage. Treatment groups were fed the basal diet with BS fmbj at 0 g/kg (CON), 0.2 g/kg (BS-1), 0.3 g/kg (BS-2), or 0.4 g/kg (BS-3) doses without antibiotics. During 8 days of(More)
The influence of ambient temperature is a principal challenge of the use of thermal face images for face recognition. This paper proposes a weighted wavelet sub-bands method for infrared face recognition under variable ambient temperatures. The wavelet transform can decompose an infrared image into different levels of approximation and detail sub-bands. The(More)
A new method of Modulation Recognition of communication signals is proposed based on Clustering Validity Indices. These indices provide a good basis for key feature extraction. To distinguish different modulation schemes, a Fuzzy C-mean (FCM) clustering is used to get the membership matrix of different clusters. Then, a clustering validity measure is(More)
In this paper, a problem is described and mathematical formulation is established on the basis of open vehicle routing problem with soft time windows. Meanwhile, an improved tabu search algorithm (TS) is proposed to optimize the OVRPSTW. in improved TS static, the initial solutions are obtained at random and then current one is selected from better(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm of jamming recognition based on Matched Signal transform (MST) is proposed according to the characteristic of the Smeared Spectrum (SMSP) jamming. The analytical representations of SMSP jamming in the time domain is derived and the difference that the jamming has a different frequency modulation (FM) rate from the radar signal(More)
In theory, the whole inventory cost on the supply chain can be reduced greatly by use of vendor managed inventory strategy. However, there is a great disparity in strength among the members on the supply chain, the weak member can be oppressed usually. It is hard for the weak member to get benefit, which lead him to exit from the alliance. Finally the(More)