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A new turbulence energy cascade pattern and its scaling law
A new energy cascade principle, synchro-cascade pattern, to better understand the mechanism of turbulence, is presented. Its main features are: self-similarity, intermittency and non-uniformity orExpand
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A stable image reconstruction algorithm for ECT
Most image reconstruction algorithms developed for electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) can only reconstruct qualitative images. Stabled quantitative image reconstruction is necessary for manyExpand
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Synthesis of Resveratrol and Resveratrol Trinicotinate
AimTo synthesize a new prodrug, resveratrol tr inicotinate. MethodsIn presence of lithium and a catalyt ic amount of naphthalene, the reaction of p-methoxybenzyl trimethylsilyl ether andExpand
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A Computational Model that Realizes a Sparse Representation of the Primary Visual Cortex V1
We propose a complete neural computational model of visual information processing, which consists of multiscale filtering, phase synchronization, and inner-product formation. Expand
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A Computational Model as Neurodecoder Based on Synchronous Oscillation in the Visual Cortex
Based on synchronized responses of neuronal populations in the visual cortex to external stimuli, we proposed a computational model consisting primarily of a neuronal phase-locked loop (NPLL) andExpand
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Analysis on Textile Industrial Cluster Uprading and Regionalm arketing strategies in Guangdong
Regional marketing of Guangdong textile industrial cluster refers to the marketing concepts and strategies used in the process of realizing industrial cluster's upgrading through enterprising andExpand
A regularization method in the electromagnetic inverse scattering problem
Abstract Based on the normalization of measurement data equations of the inverse scattering problem, anew regularization matrix is proposed. It can eliminate the unfavorable effects caused byExpand
A Decision Support System Based on GIS for Forest Fire
The construction of a decision support system based on GIS for forest fire will improve its reliability, real-time and stability performance. In this paper, the techniques of realization about thisExpand