Xiong Shen

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This investigation evaluated the impact of three mesh types (hexahedral, tetrahedral, and hybrid 12 cells) and five grid numbers (3, 6, 12, 24, and >38 million cells) on the accuracy and computing 13 costs of air distribution simulations in a first-class cabin. This study performed numerical error 14 analysis and compared the computed distributions of(More)
Gaspers installed in commercial airliner cabins are used to improve passengers' thermal comfort. To understand the impact of gasper airflow on the air quality in a cabin, this investigation measured the distributions of air velocity, air temperature, and gaseous contaminant concentration in five rows of the economy-class section of an MD-82 commercial(More)
13 Commercial aircraft use environmental control systems (ECSs) to control the thermal 14 environment in cabins and thus ensure passengers' safety, health, and comfort. This study 15 investigated the interaction between ECS operation and cabin thermal environment. 16 Simplified models were developed for the thermodynamic processes of the key ECS 17(More)
10 11 HIGHLIGHTS 12 13  Study of the particle deposition for different sizes in the environmental control systems of the commercial airliners.  Development of the correlation between the particle deposition rates and the air quality.  Particle mass concentration and particle size distribution were measured on the real flights and compared to the outside(More)
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