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This investigation evaluated the impact of three mesh types (hexahedral, tetrahedral, and hybrid 12 cells) and five grid numbers (3, 6, 12, 24, and >38 million cells) on the accuracy and computing 13 costs of air distribution simulations in a first-class cabin. This study performed numerical error 14 analysis and compared the computed distributions of(More)
—This paper describes an underwater 300m micro underwater work tool –MUWT(named huwt-3E, stands for three functions micro electric manipulator in China).The working principle and components of multi-sensors are introduced in detail. The pressure-compensated joint is compact designed and integrated of a micro permanent magnet (PM) brushless motor, a drive(More)
—An accurate dynamic model is important for both controller design and mission simulation, regardless of the control strategy employed. In this paper, a dynamic model for a 3500m underwater manipulator in flow disturbance is established based on Morison method. The technique provides a direct method for incorporating external environmental forces into the(More)
The qualitative model for rapidly discriminating the waste oil and four normal edible vegetable oils is developed using near infrared spectroscopy combined with support vector machine (SVM). Principal component analysis (PCA) has been carried out on the base of the combination of spectral pretreatment of vector normalization, first derivation and nine point(More)
13 Commercial aircraft use environmental control systems (ECSs) to control the thermal 14 environment in cabins and thus ensure passengers' safety, health, and comfort. This study 15 investigated the interaction between ECS operation and cabin thermal environment. 16 Simplified models were developed for the thermodynamic processes of the key ECS 17(More)
Finding out the optimal sampling positions for measurement of ventilation rates in a naturally ventilated building using tracer gas is a challenge. Affected by the wind and the opening status, the representative positions inside the building may change dynamically at any time. An optimization procedure using the Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was(More)
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