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This paper presents an approach to the synthesis of secure real-time applications mapped on distributed embedded systems, which focuses on preventing fault injection attacks. We utilize symmetric cryptographic service to protect confidentiality, and deploy fault detection within confidential algorithm to resist fault injection attacks. Several fault(More)
Vandetanib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor used as an anticancer therapeutic agent, has adverse events associated with treatment resulting in noncompliance and withdrawal from the therapy. Here, we performed meta-analysis of published clinical trials to determine relative risk (RR) and incidence of gastrointestinal events during vandetanib therapy in patients(More)
BACKGROUND Sorafenib is a relatively new multi-kinase inhibitor used to treat a wide range of cancers. As fatal adverse events from sorafenib therapy are rare, their investigation requires a meta-analysis. Aim of the review To provide a meta-analysis of sorafenib-associated fatal adverse events with the most expansive and current data. METHOD We searched(More)
The C1q domain-containing (C1qDC) proteins are a family of proteins characterized by a globular C1q (gC1q) domain at their C-terminus. These proteins are involved in various processes in vertebrates and are assumed to serve as important pattern recognition receptors in innate immunity in invertebrates. Here, a novel C1qDC protein from Lethenteron(More)
New LMI conditions are present to analyze the stability of polynomial matrices and polynomial matrix polytopes in an intersecting region D. During the analysis, the intersecting region D is described by disjoint regions and the problem to analyze the stability of polynomial matrices and polytopes in intersection D is transformed to analyze the stability in(More)
Fault injection attack has been a serious threat to security-critical embedded systems for a long time, yet existing research ignores addressing of the problem from a system-level perspective. This article presents an approach to the synthesis of secure real-time applications mapped on distributed embedded systems, which focuses on preventing fault(More)
Gravity data gaps in mountainous areas are nowadays often filled in with the data from airborne gravity surveys. Because of the errors caused by the airborne gravimeter sensors, and because of rough flight conditions, such errors cannot be completely eliminated. The precision of the gravity disturbances generated by the airborne gravimetry is around 3-5(More)
The tropospheric zenith delay of Great Wall station in Antarctic grouped with surrounding IGS stations is solved by GAMIT/GLOBK software using GPS observational data. In the process of solving, IGS final ephemeris and precision forecast ephemeris are used to solve the zenith delay in the software. The solutions are analyzed to draw some conclusions. The(More)
In this paper, we target on energy-efficient design of soft real-time and reliable applications on uniprocessor embedded systems. We consider soft real-time tasks with stochastic execution times with given distribution. Instead of guaranteeing hard real-time constraint, the application may be finished after their deadlines with a certain probability. We(More)