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This paper presents an approach to the synthesis of secure real-time applications mapped on distributed embedded systems, which focuses on preventing fault injection attacks. We utilize symmetric cryptographic service to protect confidentiality, and deploy fault detection within confidential algorithm to resist fault injection attacks. Several fault(More)
Fault injection attack has been a serious threat to security-critical embedded systems for a long time, yet existing research ignores addressing of the problem from a system-level perspective. This article presents an approach to the synthesis of secure real-time applications mapped on distributed embedded systems, which focuses on preventing fault(More)
In this paper, we target on energy-efficient design of soft real-time and reliable applications on uniprocessor embedded systems. We consider soft real-time tasks with stochastic execution times with given distribution. Instead of guaranteeing hard real-time constraint, the application may be finished after their deadlines with a certain probability. We(More)
New LMI conditions are present to analyze the stability of polynomial matrices and polynomial matrix polytopes in an intersecting region D. During the analysis, the intersecting region D is described by disjoint regions and the problem to analyze the stability of polynomial matrices and polytopes in intersection D is transformed to analyze the stability in(More)
In recent years, with the popularization of higher education development and the scale of in school students is expanding, Currently in the international it is a general trend of implementing the hierarchical teaching in high school. Based on mission and the current status of the university education, with professional basis requirements of subject(More)
Nowadays more and more evidences proved that ionospheric disturbances associated with strong earthquake do truly exist, with the development of earthquake observations from space, showing that perturbation of strong earthquake is not merely limited in lithosphere, but also can interaction with atmosphere, ionosphere and even magnetosphere. Even though, the(More)
The tropospheric zenith delay of Great Wall station in Antarctic grouped with surrounding IGS stations is solved by GAMIT/GLOBK software using GPS observational data. In the process of solving, IGS final ephemeris and precision forecast ephemeris are used to solve the zenith delay in the software. The solutions are analyzed to draw some conclusions. The(More)
The Precision of PWV inversed using GPS data already achieved 1-2mm, which may be used as an examination on precision of the PWV acquired by other methods. Observes the stand regarding the local area without GPS observing station. The square curve fitting model of water vapor pressure and PWV founded in this article can be used to rapidly gain the PWV by(More)
The characteristics of three GPS kinematical data processing models, Least Square, Kalman filtering, and Semiparametric model are discussed and their advantages and disadvantages are compared. With observational data and pertinent data processing software, the applicable condition, context and effect of the three models are experimented. Results show that(More)