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Effects of triphenyltin on ovarian development in Sebastiscus marmoratus
Organotin compounds,such as triphenyltin(TPT) and tributyltin(TBT),have been extensively used as antifouling agents in paints applied to ships.Aquatic pollution resulting from its usage has been ofExpand
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Issues about Understanding of Final-period Support for the Migrants of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
The completion of the 2nd phase relocation for the Three Gorges Project brings the relocation work into the final-period support for the migrants. The features of resettlement with developmentExpand
Preliminary Studies on Population of Paa boulengeri in Hupingshan National Nature Reserve,Hunan Province
From May to October,2004,population studies of Paa boulengeri have been carried out by the method of mark-recapture in Hupingshan National Nature Reserve.The result shows:the population changes ofExpand
Effect of Triphenyltin on the Muscle Histology in Carassius auratus Larva
Triphenyltin(TPT) and tributyltin(TBT) often co-exist in the environment.However,far fewer studies addressing the toxicity of TPT on fishes are available than for TBT.The present study was conductedExpand
The Winter Birds in Luoyang Sui&Tang Relics Botanic Garden
The winter birds in the Sui Tang relics botanical garden of Luoyang were investigated from December,2009 to March,2010.Total 33 species belonging to 21 families of 11 orders were recorded.TheExpand
本试验旨在研究不同添加量的虾青素对锦鲤生长、体色、抗氧化能力和免疫力的影响。将540尾红白锦鲤随机分为6组(每组3个重复,每个重复放30尾鱼),分别投喂虾青素添加量为0(对照)、200、400、600、800和1 000 mg/kg的饲料8周。结果显示:随着虾青素添加量的增加,锦鲤增重率和特定生长率先升高后降低,饲料系数先降低后升高,在400Expand
The “Window”Zone in the Development of West China
Facing the development of west China,the entering into WTO,and the full-scale start-up of Chinese market economy, Wanzhou district which is the centre of the economic zone of the Three-GorgesExpand
Chinese Endemic Genera in Hynobiidae and Species Composition
Hynobiidae was exclusively in Asia.China was the main distribution area for Hynobiidae,and had many rich species because of the diversity of habitat.The introduction on species composition andExpand