Xiomara Santos

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A way to practice Telemedicine is to access a database capable to assist you in medical procedures (diagnosis, treatment and prognosis), similarly to consult a book or to ask a college. In many countries the lack of specialists and training capabilities demand to practice solo-medicine, that in the case of surgery require robots capable to induce anesthesia(More)
An experimental model is presented for the local administration of neurotrophic substances at the site of peripheral nerve lesion. The model consists of a subcutaneously implanted silicone reservoir and a connecting tube with its distal end facing the severed and repaired nerve. Wistar rats (n = 180) were divided into two groups: a control group(More)
The experimental model reported consists of a subcutaneous reservoir connected to a rat sciatic nerve anastomosis. The right sciatic nerve was exposed, served, and repaired at a level 1.5 cm proximal to its trifurcation. Then, a dome-shaped silicone reservoir, connected to the proximal end of a silicone tube, was placed subcutaneously in the dorsum of the(More)
An experimental model for local administration of neurotrophic growth factor (NGF) in peripheral nerve lesions is tested. The model consists of a subcutaneous reservoir connected to the sciatic nerve neurorrhaphy. The right sciatic nerves were exposed, severed, and repaired at a level 1.5 cm proximal to their trifurcation. Then, a dome-shaped silicone(More)
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