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In this paper, we propose a set of semantic cohesion metrics for ontology measurement, which can be used to assess the quality of evolving ontologies in the context of dynamic and changing Web. We argue that these metrics are stable and can be used to measure ontology semantics rather than ontology structures. Measuring ontology quality with semantic(More)
Solar energy harvesting allows for wireless sensor networks to be operated over extended periods of time. In order to select an appropriate harvesting architecture and dimension for its components, an effective method for the comparison of system implementations is required. System simulations have the capability to accomplish this in an accurate and(More)
Cloud computing has become a popular high performance computing model where resources are provided as services over the Web. Users are starting to adopt cloud model in data mining applications. However, due to the complexity of parallel/cloud computing, it is difficult for average users to express a parallel computing paradigm for their applications in(More)
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