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The flexible two-wheeled balancing robot is a non-stable, non-linear, strong coupling system. A Kalman filter configuration combining a gyroscope and an inclinometer is implement to obtain an accurate estimate of the tilt angle and its derivate. This paper also presents nonlinear PID controller for the posture balancing control of FTWSBR, The experiment(More)
This paper presents an observer-based adaptive control scheme for robot system, for which we have both unmeasured velocity and uncertain parameters. Using the observer backstepping method, an adaptive velocity observer can be designed independently from the state-feedback controller. Furthermore we use integral action to compensate the estimation error(More)
CGF¿Computer Generated Forces¿team is able to complete complex tasks in a dynamic environment.  Path planning is one of the key problems in CGF team research. A path planning algorithm of maintaining CGF team formation, ATPP, is proposed by analyzing CGF team path planning problems. It is a centralized global planning method using improved A*(More)
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