Xinyu Zhao

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Methyltranscriptome is an exciting new area that studies the mechanisms and functions of methylation in transcripts. The MethylTranscriptome DataBase (MeT-DB, is the first comprehensive resource for N6-methyladenosine (m(6)A) in mammalian transcriptome. It includes a database that records publicaly available data(More)
Tightly-coupled parallel applications in cloud systems may suffer from significant performance degradation because of the resource over-commitment issue. In this paper, we propose a dynamic approach based on the adaptive control over time-slice for virtual clusters, in order to mitigate the performance degradation for parallel applications in cloud and(More)
Mobile QQ is the smartphone version of the most popular IM software QQ in China. This paper studies the encipher system and communication protocol of mobile QQ and analyzes its security flaws. We found some security risks of mobile QQ and some of which are fatal especially in a weak wireless environment: Any attacker who could access the communication(More)
Side-channel attacks pose a serious threat to implementations of cryptographic algorithms. Template attacks are probabilistic side channel attacks, which assume a Gaussian noise model. Selecting automatically the meaningful time samples in side-channel leakage traces is an important problem in the application of template attacks and it usually relies on(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a useful and simple model for evaluating biological age (BA) and to explore the clinical significance of this model. METHODS A waist circumference density index (WCDI) was established by considering the body as a cylinder and the waist circumference (WC) as the perimeter of this cylinder. Body volume was obtained from WC and height.(More)