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We consider algorithmic issues in a problem of importance in graphics and visualization: computing a SUCcinct encoding of a triangulation of a polyhedral model in order to be able to transmit and render it efficiently. CAD/CAM and virtual environments applications often require that very complex datasets be visualized at real-time rates. Current 3D graphics(More)
Motivated by applications in computer graphics, we study the problem of computing an optimal encoding in "triangle strips" of a triangulation of a polygonal surface model. The goal is to facilitate the transmission and rendering of a polygonal model by decomposing its triangulation into a minimum number of "tristrips," each of which has its connectivity(More)
in China, the energy resources is against the productive forces development, the base of energy in the west is about 3000km away from the load centers in the east, so the transmission systems with long distance and large capacity should be established. In this paper, based on the design example of UHV (1000kV) AC transmission system, the Half Wavelength AC(More)
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