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Gender is an important cue in social activities. In this correspondence, we present a study and analysis of gender classification based on human gait. Psychological experiments were carried out. These experiments showed that humans can recognize gender based on gait information, and that contributions of different body components vary. The prior knowledge(More)
PURPOSE High-motility group AT-hook gene 1 (HMGA1) is a non-histone nuclear binding protein that is developmentally regulated. HMGA1 is significantly overexpressed in and associated with high grade and advance stage of prostate cancer (PC). The oncogenic role of HMGA1 is at least mediated through chromosomal instability and structural aberrations. However,(More)
In this paper, we present a novel method to detect two typical abnormal activities: pedestrain gathering and running. The method is based on the potential energy and kinetic energy. Reliable estimation of crowd density and crowd distribution are firstly introduced into the detection of anomalies. Estimation of crowd density is obtained from the image(More)
In this paper, we present an innovative design of a solder paste inspection device which can be practically integrated into existing solder paste printing machines. Since solder paste inspection systems usually occupy a large space in vertical direction, we designed a mirror box that can re-direct the transmission of fringe pattern. In this way, a new(More)
In this paper, it presents a control strategy to trajectory tracking of multiple quadrotors while maintaining the desired formation. From the mathematical model of quadrotor, we can get that the controls of quadrotor in height and yaw direction are independent. Therefore, we can adopt different control strategies for the horizontal and height direction. We(More)
Paddy field algorithm (PFA) is a fast random algorithm with global search capability. But when the number of solutions is over the range, the algorithm efficiency becomes low because it executes a lot of redundant iterations. Pattern search algorithm is sensitive to the initial condition. In order to strength the local search ability, paddy field algorithm(More)
This paper presents an automatic method to detect abnormal crowd density by using texture analysis and learning, which is very important for the intelligent surveillance system in public places. By using the perspective projection model, a series of multi-resolution image cells are generated to make better density estimation in the crowded scene. The cell(More)
Natural human robot interaction based on the dynamic hand gesture is becoming a popular research topic in the past few years. The traditional dynamic gesture recognition methods are usually restricted by the factors of illumination condition, varying color and cluttered background. The recognition performance can be improved by using the hand-wearing(More)