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Purpose of this study is to investigate the stoichiometry and kinetics of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox) with trace hydrazine addition. The stoichiometry was established based on the electron balance of Anammox process with trace N2H4 addition. The stoichiometric coefficients were determined by the proton consumption and the changes in substrates(More)
Seeking the optimal strategy of a multi-reservoir system is an important approach to develop hydropower energy, in which the Genetic Algorithm (GA) is commonly used as an effective tool. However, when the traditional GA is applied in solving the problem, the constraints of water balance equation, hydraulic continuity relationship and power system load(More)
A human parechovirus (HPeV), CH-ZXY1, was detected in feces from a child with diarrhea. Phylogenetic trees over three different genomic regions revealed discordant topological structures. Recombination analysis indicates that CH-ZXY1 is a recombinant resulting from recombination between HPeV5 and HPeV1, which was confirmed by PCR covering the recombination(More)
Optimizing reservoir flood control operation is one of important non-structure measures for reducing flood damage. However, reservoir flood control operation is a typical, complex, and nonlinear optimization problem. It is very difficult to directly solve this problem. Linear programming and dynamic programming are usually used to solve it, which can bring(More)
The kinetics for ammonium (NH4(+)) oxidation and nitrite (NO2(-)) oxidation under the effect of hydroxylamine (NH2OH) were studied by respirometry using the nitrifying sludge from a laboratory-scale sequencing batch reactor. Modified models were used to estimate kinetics parameters of ammonia and nitrite oxidation under the effect of hydroxylamine. An(More)
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