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Current interests in skyline computation arise due to their relation to preference queries. Since it is guaraneed that a skyline point will not lose out in all dimensions when compared to any other point in the data set, this means that for each skyline point, there exists a set of weight assignments to the dimensions such that the point will become the top(More)
Support vector machines (SV machines, SVMs) have many merits that distinguish themselves from many other machine-learning algorithms, such as the nonexistence of local minima, the possession of the largest distance from the separating hyperplane to the SVs, and a solid theoretical foundation. However, SVM training algorithms such as the efficient sequential(More)
We present a fast 64b adder based on Output Prediction Logic (OPL) that has a measured worst-case delay of 409ps, equivalent to 4.7 FO4 inverter delays for the TSMC 0.18um process that was used for fabrication. This normalized delay is 1.45X faster than the fastest previously reported 64b adder. The adder uses a modified radix-3 Kogge-Stone architecture and(More)