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Research results on type-2 (T2) fuzzy control have started to emerge in the literature over the past several years. None of these results, however, are concerned with the explicit input-output mathematical structure of a T2 fuzzy controller. As the literature on type-1 (T1) fuzzy control has demonstrated, revealing such structure information is important as(More)
In 2001, we originated a theory of fuzzy discrete-event systems (FDESs) that generalized the conventional/crisp discrete-event systems (DESs). Vagueness and imprecision concerning states and event transitions of DESs were represented by membership grades and computed via fuzzy logic. Our application of the FDES theory to computerized human immunodeficiency(More)
In this work, we propose a kind of supervised classification - support vector machine (SVM) to segment magnetic resonance image (MRI). As a classifier, SVM can employ structural risk minimization principle and perform better in classification task. Based on those excellent capabilities of SVM, we conduct many detailed experiments on some standard simulated(More)
We report a prospective study of 174 unselected adult de novo acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cases diagnosed using the WHO classification. Of those, 57 (33%) were AML with recurrent cytogenetic abnormalities, 41 were (24%) AML with multilineage dysplasia, 74 (42%) were AML not otherwise categorized, and two were acute leukemias of ambiguous lineage. Clonal(More)
Package reliability is a great concern in developing new advanced packages. This paper presents some of the modeling and testing activities for the design of mixed flip-chip (FC)-wire bond (WB) stacked die BGA module with molded underfill (MUF). The success of the MUF application depends on its performance in thermal shock (TS) test and pressure cooker test(More)
The prevalence of subtypes of the myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) was determined in a prospective series of 176 patients presenting at 28 Shanghai hospitals. Diagnosis was established in a single laboratory, analyzing morphologic, immunophenotypic, and cytogenetic data, using the World Health Organization (WHO) revised classification and directly compared(More)
Control performance comparison between a type-1 fuzzy controller (Tl-FC) and a comparable type-2 fuzzy controller (T2-FC) was carried out using computer simulation. Our objective was to study whether T2 fuzzy control always had a control performance advantage over its Tl counterpart as claimed in some simulation-based reports. We used a genetic algorithm to(More)
User-generated contents play an important role in the Internet video-sharing activities. Techniques for summarizing the user-generated videos (UGVs) into short representative clips are useful in many applications. This paper introduces an approach for UGV summarization based on semantic recognition. Different from other types of videos like movies or(More)
Thermal stress in a semiconductor package is one of the major causes of delamination during stress testing. The influence of epoxy molding compound (EMC) properties on package interfacial stress was studied in this paper. Stress index was calculated based on the tested EMC properties. It was found that there is optimized filler content to get the lowest(More)