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Efficient solution methods are investigated in this paper for solving the linear system of equations resulting from the recently developed boundary element method ͑BEM͒ for the coupled structural acoustic analysis ͓S. An iterative solver, namely, the quasiminimal residual method ͑QMR͒, is selected among others and found to be very favorable over the direct(More)
A novel method for fiber-fault detection with chaotic laser theory is demonstrated and is verified by simulation and experimental results. The chaotic light is generated by optoelectrical feedback, and the simulation results show that the RF spectrum of the generated chaotic light is broad and flat. The PSLR and the FWHM of the autocorrelation curve are 20(More)
Character recognition is a branch of pattern recognition, the problem of noisy character image recognition is solved by discrete Hopfield neural network which is used as associative memory and the wavelet transform theory in the paper. The important original data is extracted from each character image, which is learning data of neural network. The character(More)
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