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Optical polarization-division multiplexing (PDM) can double the capacity of a communication system. In this paper, PDM between a conventional fiber-optic channel and a chaos-encrypted channel, and between two chaos-encrypted channels, is proposed and experimentally investigated. The bit rate for each channel is 1.25 Gb/s, while the transmission in the(More)
A novel method for fiber-fault detection with chaotic laser theory is demonstrated and is verified by simulation and experimental results. The chaotic light is generated by optoelectrical feedback, and the simulation results show that the RF spectrum of the generated chaotic light is broad and flat. The PSLR and the FWHM of the autocorrelation curve are 20(More)
The direct urea fuel cell (DUFC) is an important but challenging renewable energy production technology, it offers great promise for energy-sustainable developments and mitigating water contamination. However, DUFCs still suffer from the sluggish kinetics of the urea oxidation reaction (UOR) owing to a 6 e(-) transfer process, which poses a severe hindrance(More)
The graphene system is actively pursued in spintronics for its nontrivial sp electron magnetism and its potential for the flexible surface chemical tuning of magnetoelectronic functionality. The magnetoresistance (MR) of graphene can be effectively tuned under high magnetic fields at cryogenic temperatures, but it remains a challenge to achieve sensitive(More)
As cutting-edge technology, cluster wells can substantially enhance wells production and oil recovery. Rotating Magnet Ranging System (RMRS) is critical technology to ensure precise ranging and accurate interconnecting target of complex structure wells. The magnetic signal of RMRS is a sinusoidal signal of frequency-varying, narrow band, and its intensity(More)
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