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Mobile and ubiquitous computing devices are transforming the way that learners study. But most of learning contents, designed for desktop platforms, are not suitable for handheld devices. Also, some materials, irrelevant to learner's preferences or contextual environment, may affect the learning efficiency, and also increase the communication costs. In(More)
Empowered by mobile computing, teachers and students can benefit from computing in more scenarios beyond the traditional computer classroom. But because of the much diversity of device specification, learning contents, and mobile context existing today, the learners get a bad learning experience (e.g. rich contents can not be displayed correctly) during(More)
Th1e greatest obstacle in developing distance learning svwstem is the lack of real-time interaction. 7his paper provides a real-time interactive shared sy,.stemi for distance learning that combines the audio, Video and semini1ar The remnote learners can study and exchan1ge opinions with the instructor through this svstem in real time. .After the test(More)
—With the continued increase in the use of ubiquitous devices, learners' expectations of learning services have also increased. Most of the learning services being provided today are not designed or delivered for ubiquitous learning environments because these learning services have not been taken into account rich learning contexts. This paper proposes a(More)
Recommender systems are now a popular research area and have become powerful tools to present personalized offers to users in many domains (e. g. e-commerce, e-learning). In this paper, we introduced an approach of personalization which extracts learners' preferences based on learning processes and learning activities (e. g. writing summary) and provides(More)
Virtual classroom based on Internet is a promising tool for distance education. However, it is difficult for the instructor to instantly know the feedback and evaluation to learners in online courses. The paper gives one instructor-oriented framework for virtual classroom, by which the instructor may know each learner in real time and instantly adjust his(More)