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Online social networks have become important for networking, communication, sharing, and discovery. A considerable challenge these networks face is the fact that an online social network is partially observed because two individuals might know each other, but may not have established a connection on the site. Therefore, link prediction and recommendations(More)
Online social networks have become important for sharing, discovery , communication, and networking. Recommender systems are an essential part of any social network. For example, recommending people to connect with is essential for the growth of the network since an online social network is only partially observed and two people might know each other but(More)
Although China has established more than 600 wetland nature reserves, conservation gaps still exist for many species, especially for freshwater fishes. Underlying this problem is the fact that top-level planning is missing in the construction of nature reserves. To promote the development of nature reserves for fishes, this study took the middle and lower(More)
The study aims to investigate fungal community structures and dynamic changes in forest soil lignocellulose-degrading process. rRNA gene clone libraries for the samples collected in different stages of lignocellulose degradation process were constructed and analyzed. A total of 26 representative RFLP types were obtained from original soil clone library,(More)
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