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Effective learning and recovery of relevant source brain activity patterns is a major challenge to brain-computer interface using scalp EEG. Various spatial filtering solutions have been developed. Most current methods estimate an instantaneous demixing with the assumption of uncorrelatedness of the source signals. However, recent evidence in neuroscience(More)
In this paper, model-free impedance control is designed for the safe human-robot interaction. A passive impedance model is imposed on the robot and a control method is proposed to guarantee the robot dynamics governed by the target model. The proposed method does not require any model information except for upper bounds of system matrix. It is thus easy to(More)
We develop a facile and effective strategy to prepare monodispersed Au spherical nanoparticles by two steps. Large-scale monocrystalline Au nanooctahedra with uniform size were synthesized by a polyol-route and subsequently Au nanoparticles were transformed from octahedron to spherical shape in a liquid under ambient atmosphere by non-focused laser(More)
In this paper, the gamma – gamma probability distribution is used to model turbulent channels. The bit error rate (BER) performance of free space optical (FSO) communication systems employing on-off keying (OOK) or subcarrier binary phase-shift keying (BPSK) modulation format is derived. A tip-tilt adaptive optics system is also incorporated with a FSO(More)
Logical key tree is an important issue for multicast key management. The degree of a tree and the algorithm which maintains the balance has great effect on the multicast key management. The paper makes an analysis on the key tree degree with using hierarchical data processing model. The complete quad tree is taken as the logical structure of the key(More)
BACKGROUND Cases of multiple tumors are rarely reported in China. In our study, a 57-year-old female patient had concurrent squamous cell carcinoma, mucoepidermoid carcinoma, brain cancer, bone cancer, and thyroid cancer, which has rarely been reported to date. METHODS To determine the relationship among these multiple cancers, available DNA samples from(More)
We generalize the convergence, the stability and the averaged converging rate of stochastic parallel gradient descent algorithm when it is used as control algorithm for adaptive optics system in theory. Analysis results show the adaptive optics system can obtain convergence, stability and a factor of n /square root (n is the number of control parameters)(More)
— We evaluate an agent-based model featuring near-zero-intelligence traders operating in a call market with a wide range of trading rules governing the determination of prices, which orders are executed as well as a range of parameters regarding market intervention by market makers and the presence of informed traders. We optimize these trading rules using(More)
Electrooculogram (EOG) contamination is a common critical issue in general EEG studies as well as in building highperformance brain computer interfaces (BCI). Existing regression or independent component analysis based artefacts correction methods are usually not applicable when EOG is not available or when there are very few EEG channels. In this paper, we(More)