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We propose and experimentally demonstrate a novel interferometric approach to generate arbitrary cylindrical vector beams on the higher order Poincaré sphere (HOPS). Our scheme is implemented by collinear superposition of two orthogonal circular polarizations with opposite topological charges. By modifying the amplitude and phase factors of the two beams,(More)
We present a simple and efficient method to generate any cylindrical vector vortex (CVV) beams based on two cascaded metasurfaces. The metasurface works as a space-variant Panchratnam-Berry phase element and can produce any desirable vortex phase and vector polarization. The first metasurface is used to switch the sign of topological charges associated with(More)
Photonic spin Hall effect (SHE) manifesting itself as spin-dependent splitting escapes detection in previous photon tunneling experiments due to the fact that the induced beam centroid shift is restricted to a fraction of wavelength. In this work, we report on the first observation of this tiny effect in photon tunneling via weak measurements based on(More)
Observation of photonic spin Hall effect (SHE) in dielectric metasurfaces whose local optical axes are spatially rotated is presented. The photonic SHE manifests itself as a spin-dependent splitting in momentum space due to the space-variant Pancharatnam-Berry phase. We show that no spin-dependent splitting occurs when keeping the rotational symmetry of(More)
Epidemic surveillance in a community involves monitoring infection trend, triggering alarms before outbreaks, and identifying sources and paths of disease transmission. Algorithms for outbreak detection that are derived from industrial statistical process control (SPC) and scan statistics have been reported in the literature, but there are relatively few(More)
The photonic spin Hall effect (SHE) manifests itself as the spin-dependent splitting of light beam. Usually, it shows a symmetric spin-dependent splitting, i.e., the left- and right-handed circularly polarized components are equally separated in position and intensity for linear polarization incidence. In this paper, we theoretically propose an asymmetric(More)
The spin Hall effect (SHE) of light, as an analogue of the SHE in electronic systems, is a promising candidate for investigating the SHE in semiconductor spintronics/valleytronics, high-energy physics and condensed matter physics, owing to their similar topological nature in the spin-orbit interaction. The SHE of light exhibits unique potential for(More)
Observation of photonic spin Hall effect (SHE) near the phase singularity at dielectric metasurfaces is presented. The structured metasurface works as a space-variant Pancharatnam-Berry phase element and produces a vortex beam with phase singularity. The dynamical vortex phase is introduced to eliminate or enhance the phase singularity, thus realizing the(More)
We reveal a large spin angular splitting of light beam on reflection at the Brewster angle both theoretically and experimentally. A simple weak measurements system manifesting itself for the built-in post-selection technique is proposed to explore this angular splitting. Remarkably, the directions of the spin accumulations can be switched by adjusting the(More)