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We present a method that extracts medication information from discharge summaries. The program relies on parsing rules written as a set of regular expressions and on a user-configurable drug lexicon. Our evaluation shows a precision of 94% and recall of 83% in the extraction of medication information. We use a broader definition of medication information(More)
PURPOSE To estimate the therapeutic potential of PD-L1 inhibition in breast cancer, we evaluated the prevalence and significance of PD-L1 protein expression with a validated antibody and CD274 gene alternation in a large cohort of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and correlated with clinicopathological data and patients overall survival. METHODS(More)
Although controlled biomedical terminologies have been with us for centuries, it is only in the last couple of decades that close attention has been paid to the quality of these terminologies. The result of this attention has been the development of auditing methods that apply formal methods to assessing whether terminologies are complete and accurate. We(More)
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Objective: To explore approaches for integrating and visualizing time-oriented medication data in narrative and structured formats and to address related issues on handling temporal abstraction, granularity, and uncertainty. The ultimate goal is to improve medication reconciliation by providing clinicians with more accurate medication information in patient(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate whether an insertion/deletion polymorphism (rs3783553) locating in the miR-122 target gene IL1A 3′ untranslated region was related to the risk of papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC). Genomic DNA was extracted from peripheral venous blood of 273 patients with PTC and 509 controls. The IL1A rs3783553 polymorphism was(More)
Probing biological structures and functions deep inside live organisms with light is highly desirable. Among the current optical imaging modalities, multiphoton fluorescence microscopy exhibits the best contrast for imaging scattering samples by employing a spatially confined nonlinear excitation. However, as the incident laser power drops exponentially(More)
Each year thousands of patients die of avoidable medication errors. When a patient is admitted to, transferred within, or discharged from a clinical facility, clinicians should review previous medication orders, current orders and future plans for care, and reconcile differences if there are any. If medication reconciliation is not accurate and systematic,(More)