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An optimized and general synthetic strategy based on in-situ iodine modifying of polymeric graphitic carbon nitride is discussed. The as-prepared iodine functionalized g-CN shows enhanced electronic and optical properties, as well as increased photocatalytic activities in an assay of hydrogen evolution.
The generation of sustainable and stable semiconductors for solar energy conversion by photoredox catalysis, for example, light-induced water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction, is a key challenge of modern materials chemistry. Here we present a simple synthesis of a ternary semiconductor, boron carbon nitride, and show that it can catalyse hydrogen or(More)
This paper mainly discusses the control strategy for an profit-oriented ecosystem which is described by multi-dimensional Lotka–Volterra model. The though comes from the concept of impulsive control which can reach the same effect with continuous control strategy but has much more advantages while considering the feasibility factors. The difference(More)
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