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A central current debate in community ecology concerns the relative importance of deterministic versus stochastic processes underlying community structure. However, the concept of stochasticity presents several profound philosophical, theoretical and empirical challenges, which we address here. The philosophical argument that nothing in nature is truly(More)
Developing and validating a road travel time network for cost path analysis.posure opportunities: Estimating relative risk for motor neurone disease in Finland. almost. De~ographyi s an in~eren~ly spatial science, since it always deals WIth human populations In a defined geographic region, but spatial analysis has thus far played only a small role in the(More)
The frontal cortex is recognized as the highest adaptive control center of the human brain. The principle of the "frontalization" of human brain function offers new possibilities for brain research in space. There is evolutionary and experimental evidence indicating the validity of the principle, including it's role in nervous response to gravitational(More)
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