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Nowadays energy efficiency (EE) of wireless communication systems has become a hot issue, yet the nonlinear effect and inefficiency of power amplifier (PA) have posed practical challenges for system designs to achieve high EE. However, most of previous work only considered linear PA. In this paper, we studies EE optimization concerning with -way Doherty PA(More)
The high-throughput sequencing technology, RNA-Seq, has been widely used to quantify gene and isoform expression in the study of transcriptome in recent years. Accurate expression measurement from the millions or billions of short generated reads is obstructed by difficulties. One is ambiguous mapping of reads to reference transcriptome caused by(More)
A novel 6-degree-of-freedom parallel platform and its motion control based on a modified active disturbance rejection controller are presented in this article. Structure and mathematical model of a novel electromagnetic linear actuator are analyzed, which is the main component of the novel 6-degree-of-freedom parallel platform. Kinematics-based control(More)
In IEEE1609.4/IEEE 802.11p for vehicular ad hoc network (VANET), periodic broadcasting of status messages on the control channel (CCH) can realize collision avoidance, accident early warning and many other safety applications, which has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. However, because IEEE 802.11p broadcast mode for VANETS has no(More)
This paper investigates the energy-efficient power loading with intercarrier and intersymbol interference considerations for OFDM-based cognitive systems. The objective is to maximize the energy efficiency (EE) as well as to balance the tradeoff between intercarrier interference (ICI) and intersymbol interference (ISI) by jointly optimizing the subcarrier(More)
Because of the fixed parameters such as minimum contention window (CW), it cannot work well for enhanced distributed coordinated access (EDCA) mechanism in IEEE 802.11p with the changes of vehicles number and speeds. Consequently, the access performance such as throughput and fairness for all traffics deteriorate seriously, especially in high vehicles(More)
The present study attempts to examine the relationship between online communication and subjective well-being from the perspective of psychological need satisfaction, as well as the mediating role of shyness and social self-efficacy among Chinese college students. 574 college students with average age of 20 were asked to complete Psychological Need for(More)